The Nigerian University Unified Database System (NUUDS) represents a groundbreaking online application designed exclusively for universities, facilitating seamless data processing and communication with the National Universities Commission (NUC).

This sophisticated system captures the intricacies of various NUC directorates, encompassing Universities Programme Accreditation, Universities Academic Standards, University System Annual Review Meeting (USARM), Universities Research and Innovation, Finance, and Budget, among others. NUUDS serves as a pivotal platform enabling universities to collect and exchange real-time data with NUC, public entities, and government agencies on student information, staff details, accreditation processes, budgets, enrollment statistics, physical planning and development, academic programs, and the University Geographic Information System (GIS), as well as research and innovations.


Robust Administration:

Secured control panels cater to universities (Directors of Academic Planning/Directors of Quality Assurance) and the National Universities Commission (NUC).

Empowers administrators to create sub-administrators, assign roles and privileges, and manage user access.

Allows specific allocation of staff to NUUDS sections, ensuring access only to designated areas.

Secured Login System:

Utilizes a 256-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption for secure logins.

Implements access restrictions, preventing unauthorized viewing or printing of pages.

Unique Identity for Each University:

Ensures data privacy by restricting access to each institution and its appointed staff.


Designed with simplicity in mind, featuring a unique graphical user interface.

Provides clear instructions on each page for ease of use.

Continuous round-the-clock support from NUUDS staff.

Captures a Vast Range of Information:

Gathers comprehensive student and staff data, including bio-data, academic information, course registration, O-Level results, qualifications, skills, computer knowledge, and membership details.

Automatic Population of Records:

Facilitates the collation of student and staff records through Excel uploads or individual data entry.

Supports Excel uploads in various formats for efficient and quick record compilation.

Generation of Printable Reports:

Produces printable reports adhering to NUC-specified formats.

Customizes reports with the school’s logo as a header.

Export Feature:

Enables the export of reports to Excel and pdf format for local storage.

Sending of Reports to NUC:

Streamlines the process of sending reports to NUC within the NUUDS environment.

Reduces paperwork and physical visits between NUC and universities.

Provision for NUC to View Submitted Reports:

Allows NUC to view and collate reports submitted by institutions.

Categorizes reports into groups, facilitating efficient organization and retrieval.

Automatic Calculation of Full-Time Equivalent (FTE):

Automates complex FTE calculations based on uploaded student data.

Automatic Summation/Calculation Capability:

Enables automatic summation of records in various sections, including Budget/Expenditure and Enrolment/Statistical.

Provides detailed lists based on specified criteria.

Automatic Notification on Expiry of a Project’s Masterplan:

Notifies staff on the expiration of project masterplans in the Physical Facilities Section.

Automatic Generation of Annual Payroll Report:

Calculates the annual estimate of total staff salaries, non-salaries, goods, and services.

Staff Progression/Area of Specialization at a Glance:

Offers a quick view of staff area of specialization and records staff progression.

Facilitates Online Universities Programme Accreditation:

Streamlines the generation of reports required by NUC during Accreditation exercises.

Provides data for online filling of the NUC accreditation portal.

USARM Now Online:

Transforms the traditional Universities Annual Review Meeting (USARM) into an online event.

Eliminates the need for physical travel, reducing associated costs for both universities and NUC.