The primary goal of the NUC Universities Accreditation System is to automate the accreditation process for academic programs conducted by the National Universities Commission. This system is designed to ensure the attainment, maintenance, and enhancement of the Minimum Academic Standard Document.

Key Objectives:

  • Facilitates efficient online accreditation exercises conducted by the National Universities Commission.
  • Establishes a comprehensive database encompassing all universities’ program accreditations, staff, and students across Nigeria.
  • Allows easy access for the National Universities Commission to check the accreditation status of any university.
  • Assists in identifying universities offering programs below the specified Minimum Academic Standard.
  • Enables the detection of double records of university staff in different institutions.
  • Streamlines the data entry process for program accreditation by universities.
  • Reduces the overall paperwork costs for both the National Universities Commission and the universities.


  • Login Security (Secured User Login System): Ensures a secure user login system to safeguard sensitive information.
  • Email Alerts: Provides email alerts for timely notifications and updates.
  • Consistent Easy-to-Use Interface: Offers a user-friendly interface for a seamless experience.
  • Automatic Calculation of Total for the Program Evaluation Form (PEF): Streamlines the evaluation process by automatically calculating totals.
  • Automatic Generation of Accreditation Panel Report (APR): Generates detailed accreditation reports automatically.
  • Links for Easy Access to Information: Incorporates links for quick and easy access to relevant information.
  • Automatic Checks for University Reaccreditation and Alerts the NUC: Monitors and alerts the National Universities Commission for necessary reaccreditation.
  • Display Button for Viewing Accreditation Information: Provides a display button for accessing accreditation information for any university.
  • Robust Admin System: Empowers administrators with a robust system for efficient management.
  • Database System for Uploading Professors’ Information: Facilitates the uploading of professors’ details, including name, qualification, area of specialization, and date of professorship.
  • Database System for Uploading Students and Staff Data: Establishes a comprehensive database for universities to upload student and staff data.
  • Detects Double Record Input of Lecturers/Professors: Alerts users and prevents the input of duplicate records for lecturers or professors in more than one university.