Affiliate Marketing System

Registration and Login: New affiliates can easily register by providing necessary details, and registered affiliates can conveniently log in using their email and password.

Dashboard: The dashboard serves as a comprehensive summary of affiliate activities, displaying crucial information such as commission status, client details, and more.

Profile Management: Affiliates have the capability to update and manage their profile information within the system.

Affiliate Link Generation: The system generates a unique affiliate link for each affiliate, facilitating effective marketing endeavors.

Link Tracking: Affiliates can monitor website and product page traffic through their provided affiliate link.

Product Link Generation: In the ‘Product Links’ section, affiliates can create customized links for specific product pages, enabling accurate tracking of conversions and commissions.

Affiliate Management: Affiliates gain the ability to monitor and manage their downline, visualizing a network tree of all affiliated members.

Manage Downline: The system assists affiliates in guiding and supporting their downline for enhanced performance and growth.

Commission Tracking: Affiliates can track and review paid commissions in the ‘Commissions’ section, including pending commissions and an overview of total commissions.

Client Management: Access client information and activities under the ‘Clients’ section, fostering and maintaining relationships for business enhancement.

Payment Statements: Affiliates can view payment statements and earnings history in the ‘Payments’ section, reviewing details such as earnings, deductions, and payment dates.

Creative Assets: The ‘Creatives’ section provides access to a library of marketing creatives, including banners, images, and promotional materials. Affiliates can download and use these assets for their marketing efforts.

Campaign: For tracking campaign traffic, affiliates can use this section to set campaign data and monitor traffic, especially when running social media campaigns.

Wallet Management: Affiliates can monitor their wallet balance and transaction history in the ‘Wallet’ section.

Transactions: The system allows affiliates to review wallet transactions, including withdrawals and commissions.

Affiliate’s Personalized Webpage: Affiliates can create a unique personalized webpage with a personalized URL, enhancing their sales staff’s effectiveness.

Sales Form Automation: All product subscription forms can be automated with an affiliate’s personalized ID, streamlining the subscription process.

Affiliate/Client Linking: The system facilitates linking between affiliates and clients for efficient communication and collaboration.

Client Payment Tracking: Affiliates can track client payments for a comprehensive view of financial transacti