Putting your brand in front of the right people at the right time to spark long-lasting connections.

We live in a digital age, incorporating digital marketing to specifically target your audience is a powerful tool within Economic Development. Our digital marketing team is one of the most knowledgeable in the industry – staying on track of the latest trends and advancements we can target and engage the target audience for optimal results.

Our digital marketing services include consulting and management options for a variety of online marketing tactics including search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) ads, copywriting, conversion rate optimization (CRO), and more. We also offer expert web design and development services for both eCommerce and B2B companies.

We tailor our digital marketing strategies to help you cut through the noise and attract the right customers for your brand. Our approach involves continual refinement and ongoing enhancements to optimize ROI and help you reach your goals. Our results are proven with custom performance tracking reports that provide KPIs at a glance.


Don’t just partner with any digital marketing agency; work with a company you can trust.

Our Digital Marketing Expertise

You might have a website, but it isn’t doing your business much good if it isn’t being picked up by the search engines. To make sure customers find your site online, we can take your online presence to the next level — your website design, copywriting, keywords, social media presence and more. Working with us, you get the most from your return on marketing investment. Here are some reasons why:

We Have Proven Results

Why would you work with an SEO services firm that doesn’t provide you with the results you are looking for? Stop throwing away your hard-earned money on a strategy that isn’t converting. Techbots takes the time to listen to your business’ goals and needs, and then builds a custom strategy to reach these goals.

We Are Honest & Ethical

At Techbots, we believe in honesty, integrity, and respecting our clients. We don’t believe in “selling” a service that you don’t need or applying a one-size-fits-all approach to each client. We dedicate our time to achieving higher rankings, increased traffic and conversions, and a higher ROI for our clients.

We Know Digital Marketing

Working with a digital marketing company that actually knows digital marketing seems obvious, but unfortunately, many firms fail to deliver positive results. Our strategies are proven to work. In fact, the majority of our clients pay for their entire website in the first month from new business leads as a direct result of our online marketing and SEO efforts.

We Put Customers First

Maintaining a customer-centric focus is a priority for many marketing agencies, however, few actually follow through. As an SEO Agency, Techbots is different. We are truly diligent and committed to our clients by showing up on time; keeping our promises; being polite, honest, and respectful; and going above and beyond for our clients.

Our Digital Marketing Solutions

As a concept, digital marketing has expanded to encompass every potential digital channel and customer interaction, and that means if your company is going to stand out, you’ll need an agency with a wide range of capabilities.



Here’s a riddle for you: When is a keyword not a keyword? When it’s a semantic analysis term. Semantic analysis is an approach designed to identify and rate the importance of specific topics in a given document. Like keywords, these terms play an important role in search-engine rankings. Unlike keywords, these usually aren’t terms that people are actively searching online (or that competitors are actively targeting). As such, semantic analysis optimization is one of the quickest, most reliable ways to boost search engine rankings. Techbots is one of the leading agencies in semantic analysis.


By building content around your customers’ interests, you can ensure better traffic and improved conversions. But first, you need to identify exactly what it is your audience is looking for, and that means you need powerful keyword research from Techbots. Our keyword research takes into account your competition/industry keyword ranking data along with your own domain’s keyword ranking data. It then factors that against a keyword’s average monthly search volume, difficulty to rank, and cost per click bid. The end result? You get the inside scoop on the keywords that keep customers coming back for more.


Sometimes it’s not just about what you know; it’s about who you know. The pages that link to your site carry with them authority — authority that search engines take into account when determining results rankings. We build and execute a thorough backlink acquisition strategy to ensure that your pages rank well for their targeted keywords. All of our links go through a rigorous acquisition and vetting process, so that your site will always have the right connections to support your SEO goals.


For good or bad, what’s going on behind the scenes of your site is affecting your rankings. That’s why our SEO specialists dig deeper. We put your site’s overall technical SEO configurations under a microscope, optimizing not only for the current SEO strategy, but also long term success. This includes running a site audit to identify ways to improve the technical SEO of a site and then cooperating with your internal team to ensure that everything’s working the way it should be to get you the best possible results.


Moving is a pain, and that goes double for moving your site. Transferring your site over to a new location, platform, structure, etc. can have a serious impact on its rankings and effectiveness. We can help. As part of our site migration services, we’ll work with your dev team to ensure that the build of the site is adhering to SEO best practices, and that any fixes that need to be made are implemented before everything goes live. This process will be on-going leading up to migration day. And once the site is launched, we’ll continue to work closely with your team to identify and address any other issues that might arise.


In this day of unparalleled digital visibility, sometimes even the smallest mistakes (or misconceptions) can have a significant negative impact on a brand’s reputation. Techbots has the tools and the talent to ensure that your story is being told by the most reliable source: you. By managing brand search engine results and creating positive, high-quality content for your business, we can help your company outshine the negative press.



When your customers are looking, don’t be hard to find. Inject some SEO/PPC synergy into your business, with Google Search ads, Display ads, Video ads and more. We put your site front and center. And whether your audience consists of enterprise-level businesses, individual consumers, or anything in between, we understand the strategies to maximize the return on your investment.



Humans are social animals, and we expect the businesses we patronize to be social too. This means keeping up with social media across a variety of platforms — something you probably don’t have time for. But we do. Whether it’s Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even Quora, we know how to keep your campaigns on the cutting edge. And if your business means business, consider us your LinkedIn experts.


When your ads need more specialized targeting than the traditional SEM and Social channels offer, a programmatic advertising strategy can find customers that would otherwise remain unfound. Don’t go at it alone; let us help you explore native ads, in-app advertising, look-alike audience exploration, or a comprehensive account-based marketing strategy.



Don’t let your best potential customers be the ones that got away. A comprehensive retargeting strategy can ensure that a missed opportunity gets a second chance. And because we’ve all seen retargeting done wrong (too soon, too frequent, already purchased, etc.), we make sure that we’re targeting the right prospects at the right time, and via channels that they’ll be most likely to appreciate and respond to.



Paid Media isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution; it’s a dynamic, adaptive marketing strategy that demands close attention to on-going results. That’s because how your audience responds to creative, products, and promotions can have a dramatic impact well beyond PPC. Using extensive A/B testing, we’ll work with you to identify strategic insights from every campaign, and use those insights to extend the impact of every penny you invest.


 Build Stronger Customer Connections 

  Engage customers across sales, marketing & support journeys – with their consent, conversationally and in real-time

  • Increased Sales Conversions
  • Broader Reach & Engagement
  • Higher Customer Satisfaction

 Create Marketing Campaigns that Convert

  • Send promotions, offers, and back-in-stock alerts while respecting customer permissions
  • Set up campaigns, send abandonment notifications, appointment alerts and re-buy reminders
  • Trigger order and booking confirmations, subscription reminders, delivery updates and more



A picture is worth a thousand words. And when it comes to digital marketing, they may be right. Web graphics help your brand speak to your customers with more than just words. Our experienced designers understand the science behind the aesthetic, and know how to turn your marketing strategy into a work of art.



Your customers don’t want to be advertised to; they want to be informed. Help your customers help themselves, with copywriting services from Techbots. From blog posts, to landing pages, to ebooks, and beyond, our trained content marketers are experts at creating the kind of content that will give your audience a reason to keep on clicking.



Want to really engage your audience? High-quality interactives from Techbots help turn a passive lead into an active one. Interactives showcase data through interactive charts or graphs, or dynamic content with different paths users can choose to keep them exploring. And they’re great for promoting your brand.



No matter your industry, no matter your audience, the content you produce is often the lifeline that connects you to your online customers. Techbots recognizes this fact, which is why all or our content is produced in house. Trust your brand to marketing trained content creators who are invested in your success, and who have the skills to make it happen.



Bring your message to life. With Techbots video services, we’ll help you create marketing-enhanced videos that captivate and convert. Guiding your production from script to screen, and backed by over a decade and a half of digital marketing experience, we’ll help you create a video strategy that communicates your message in a way that your customers will be eager to share. And whether you’re trying to capture YouTube search traffic, catch eyeballs on Instagram, or strengthen your sales pages, we can help. Our experts will work with you to not only develop new video content for your brand, but also optimize the existing content already have.




The goal of marketing automation is to nurture your contacts with highly personalized, useful content that helps convert prospects to customers and turn customers into delighted customers. Nurturing is meant to help educate your leads and educate them until they are ready to buy, not be sold. Understanding your buyers journey, and mapping lead nurturing to that is key to your success.



Do you have a lot of repetitive tasks that could be done automatically? We bet you do. Workflows in automation is a great way to get your valuable time back, and allow you to focus on what you need to do to grow your business. Whether you need to automate your lead nurturing, complete internal functions, assign deals, create tasks, rotate leads, update contact fields, alert sales of lead revisits to your website, or even schedule bookings with sales, workflows are the behind the scenes magic that gets it all done.



New to marketing automation, or want to try something new? From determining the content you need for blog posts, emails, and the marketing automation setup, this game plan will be the foundation for a high performance campaign that will help guide your leads to opportunities and customers.



Marketing, in whatever form, works so much better when you know who your ideal customers are. Understanding their behaviors, buying decisions, and what they do online, and how to target them is key. From there you can create the type of messaging and automation tactics that will resonate with them, educate them, and help them trust your brand as the solution they are looking for.



If you are an existing HubSpot customer, or new to marketing automation and looking for a solution, we are here to help. We have certified HubSpot marketers as well as a HubSpot certified trainer on staff that can assist you in getting your HubSpot portal up to snuff. We can audit your portal, or design it from scratch.  We are here to help you with all aspects of the tool: Marketing, Sales and Service.




Similar to A/B testing, multivariate testing is a form of split testing that allows you test more variations at once. This gets you to the key insights you need at a faster rate. We’ll create a statistical hypothesis and apply several variations to your page(s) that will ultimately show us which design gets the user closer to your end goal.



By applying heat mapping technology to your pages, we’ll be able to pinpoint exactly how your website visitors are interacting with your pages. From where their eyeballs are going to which buttons get clicked more than others. Heat mapping data, combined with our other insights, will allow us to implement changes to help you hit your marketing goals at a faster rate.



A Facebook advertisement is only as good as the landing page it points to. Our experts will be able to build you landing pages built specifically to turn visits into conversions. With data that we gather through split testing and heat mapping, we’ll know exactly how to build a high-converting page for your audience.



We have experts in every major analytical platform (Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, etc) and will be able to build and monitor your dashboards to ensure accurate tracking.